Core values



We do not want to be controlled by a bank or insurance company. AlliA guarantees an objective risk analysis and tailor-made policy. We provide a wide range of insurance options and always look for the best products on the market. Freedom and independence are key to AlliA. That is why we also guarantee the same freedom and independence to company directors in Belgium and the rest of the world.


Instead of empty sales talk, we offer an unusually honest perspective. Tell us your plans and goals and we will provide you with a suitable service and policy. We have a personal relationship with our customers, which allows us to listen and act according to their preferences.

  • 3. CAUTION

A balanced insurance package requires a meticulous approach. We weigh up the pros and cons, assess the situation and work with you to the appropriate decisions together. AlliA also offers you, our customer, greater insight into risk management. We offer workshops and seminars to turn you into a critical and proactive partner.


Our structure is transparent and our agreements are crystal clear. We put all our cards on the table and we expect the same from you. We feel that open communication is the basis for a successful collaboration in the long term. Our reputation is best illustrated by our many satisfied customers.

  • 5. SERVICE

AlliA offers a reliable service that is fast and efficient. AlliA's speedy response never compromises the quality of service. We take charge of your account quickly from the very start. A quickly resolved case benefits all the parties involved. And that is exactly what we are aiming for.


We focus on two questions. Can we offer you better insurance for the same price? Can we offer the same insurance for less? Our economies of scale and independence enable us to negotiate extremely competitive prices. We avoid unnecessary costs, scan the market for the best conditions and make adjustments when necessary. This is how we offer a consistent price-quality guarantee.


The AlliA team has all the right people in the right place. Personal development and training is one of our cornerstones. Our ambitious professionals are constantly looking for new opportunities to improve your risk coverage. After all, the insurance world is constantly evolving And we see it as our job to guide you and keep you informed.