Legal expenses or legal assistance

You can always contact your legal assistance insurer for more information about your rights in the context of your operations. Even if there is not yet a potential dispute or objection.

If an insurance dispute arises, your insurer will defend your rights, whether you are the affected party or liable party.

If legal proceedings can’t be avoided, the legal expenses insurer will bear the unavoidable costs. Examples of this are the charges and fees of lawyers or experts, court costs, bailiff costs ...

Your legal expenses insurer is there to assist you and offer you financial protection with a comprehensive plan tailored to your needs and wishes.


  • A patient/client physically attacks you, leaving you unable to work for several weeks.
  • You are facing criminal charges for a medical error.
  • You have to appear before the Order of Pharmacists for the incorrect dosage of medication.
  • You are an architect who failed to carry out the necessary construction probing.
  • A dispute arises with the Belgian National Institute for Sickness and Disability Insurance.


In addition to this basic cover, you can also extend your policy with optional cover. We will be happy to assist you with this.

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