Cybercrime represents an ever-increasing risk to your business. Cases of hacking, cyber fraud and cyber extortion are on the rise. Complete IT systems are paralysed, phone systems are hacked, personal and sensitive data are stolen ... The threat is growing and the consequences are vast. You are probably taking preventive measures (such as a virus scanner or firewall), but what if things go wrong anyway?

The consequences of cybercrime can be very diverse. There are the financial consequences, but a cyber incident also affects the continuity of your business operations, security and so on.  

Cyber insurance protects your organisation and business processes against the consequences of cybercrime.

A cyber insurance policy is based on 3 pillars, which include the following:

  1. 24/7 assistance 
    • IT forensics and incident response
    • Legal assistance
    •  PR assistance and crisis assistance
    • Reporting costs
  2. Deductible
    • Business interruption/shutdown
    • Data recovery
    • Expert fees
    • Cybercrime (cyber espionage, cyber fraud, cyber extortion, cyber theft, phone hacking)
  3. Third-party damage (liability)
    • Compensation of financial loss
    • Compensation of settlement amount
    • Compensation of defence costs
    • Administrative fines (GDPR)
    • Credit card fines

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