Transport & Marine

The maritime world is always in motion. The risk does not start with the actual transport, but with the organisation and storage. That is why it is important to map out the entire process and analyse who is at risk where and when. Clear Incoterms arrangements are an integral part of this.

AlliA groups transport risks into 3 large categories:

  • Cargo: your goods are at risk of being damaged during transit or storage. It is best to organise the appropriate insurance for this to make sure that neither you, the shipper, nor the consignee runs any financial risk in the event of damage and/or loss.
  • Carrier liability (CMR) 
    • As a carrier: it is advisable to cover your liability risks with a CMR policy.
    • As a transport organiser: as a forwarding or commissioning agent, you organise the entire process, but you do not carry it out yourself. Here too you run certain liability risks that can be covered by a specific policy.
  • Hull: the risks you run as the owner or organiser of maritime transport.
    • Protection & Indemnity
    • Hull & Machinery
    • Charterers' liability
    • FDD

Risk consultancy is an essential part of our service. We make sure that the right risks are covered. It is important to check whether or not certain risks are covered by other policies. This avoids double insurance. 

Our marine department specialists will assist you in all these matters. We strive towards a relationship in which our customer can fully rely on our expertise in a commercial and administrative sense and in terms of internal claims management.

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