Work accidents

Every employer is required to take out work accident insurance for all its employees for injuries sustained during their work and on their way to and from work.

The legal obligation to take out insurance is limited to capped pay. As an employer, you can extend this so that your employees also receive pay compensation above this ceiling. 

A few examples:


  • Despite all precautions, an employee falls from scaffolding.
  • An employee goes down the stairs carrying a bucket of water and slips.
  • An employee has an accident (in a car) on the way to work. Any injuries sustained by the employee will be compensated by the work accident insurer, regardless of whether or not the employee was responsible for the accident.

What does the insurance provide? 

  • Compensation for medical and transport costs
  • A daily temporary disability allowance (for the loss of pay)
  • An annuity in case of permanent disability
  • An annuity and funeral expenses in the event of death

Other additional cover:

  • Personal accident cover in your private life
  • Income protection compensation
  • ...

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