Travel and cancellation insurance

Globalisation, the search for new sales markets, purchasing opportunities in cheap production countries ... Modern entrepreneurs tend to travel a lot, which brings its own challenges and risks. 

This means business travel insurance is not an unnecessary luxury. It covers the specific risks of business travel. Travel insurance policies for business people focus on travel to business meetings, trade fairs, conferences and so on.

Of course, in the event of an accident or illness, you want the best assistance, payouts to cover major medical expenses, repatriation and so on. You can put together a combination of essential coverage yourself, supplemented with useful extra cover such as: 

  • Personal accidents
  • Medical services and repatriation
  • Travel cancellation
  • Luggage and travel issues
  • Individual liability
  • Kidnapping, abduction and extortion
  • Political risk and evacuation in the event of natural disasters
  • Search and rescue

 You can also extend the cover to include private travel.

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