Property damage & business interruption

Property damage & business interruption

For many years now, fire insurance has also covered storm and water damage, glass damage, collisions and so on. Insurance against all risks is also possible. In this concept, all damage resulting from a sudden and unforeseen event is compensated, provided that the policy does not specifically exclude it. The big advantage of this concept is that the burden of proof is reversed and lies with the company.

For many years, AlliA has been providing its own policy documents that are tailored to your needs and those of your company.

In addition to property damage, the policy also covers business interruption, which is like your company's life insurance.


If properly drafted, property damage and business interruption insurance make sure that your business reverts to the same financial situation as before a claim.


Standard cover: FLEXA – fire, lightning, explosion, aircraft or comprehensive cover.
Business interruption cover after a covered 'FLEXA’ claim

Optional expansions

  • No access
  • Suppliers/customers
  • Income protection
  • Automatic cover in case of investments at already insured sites
  • Etc.

We determine the insured capital, the compensation period and the wording of the policy document together with you based on your company's needs.

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