Inheritance tax insurance

Inheritance tax insurance provides a capital sum to your next of kin to make sure they can pay the estimated inheritance tax. You can take out death insurance for a 3-year period as part of a gift or for a longer period if you are not yet thinking about gifting any assets.

You can avoid paying inheritance tax or other taxes on this capital under certain conditions (A-B-A construction).

This insurance covers all causes (sickness and accident). If you only want your insurance to cover sickness and certain sudden illnesses, make sure you look into our sudden death insurance.

For example:
•    Joe is a company manager and has real estate assets worth €1,000,000. He is divorced and has 2 children: Bart and Stephen.
•    If Joe does nothing, Bart and Stephen will together pay €222,000 in inheritance tax.
•    However, Bart and Stephen can take out a death insurance policy with Yves as the insured for an insured capital of €111,000 each. On Yves' death, they can use this tax-free capital to pay the inheritance tax.

•    You give yourself and your heirs peace of mind so that no real estate or other assets have to be sold upon your death.
•    You avoid high inheritance tax (27% in Flanders on all capital above € 250,000 for all partners and first-degree relatives).
•    The death insurance premiums are therefore the only actual cost.
•    This insurance is perfect while you are waiting for a final family arrangement.

Temporary death

You can insure a certain fixed capital for various reasons: to cover outstanding loans, to protect your family in the event of your death and so on.

•    You determine the death benefit yourself.
•    You determine the duration of the insurance.
•    You can adjust the parameters according to your needs and wishes.
•    This insurance can also be taken out by your company.
•    You decide the type of premium: a single premium, fixed premium or risk premium (which changes based on your age).

Sudden death

Sudden death insurance is cheaper than regular death insurance. It does not include all causes, but does cover an accident and a range of sudden illnesses. In case of a (long term) sickness, you have time to make arrangements. In the event of a sudden death, you often do not, hence the importance of this type of cover.

Mortgage life insurance

When you take out a mortgage loan, you can take out a death insurance policy that will fully or partially reimburse the outstanding balance of the loan. This allows your family to stay in the home after your death.

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