Car & Fleet

Your fleet deserves a special approach. You want to be able to respond quickly and not burden your company with any unnecessary administration.

Thanks to its core values, AlliA has long been a leader in fleet insurance:

  • Risk analysis based on a personal approach
  • Flexible and competitive tailor-made solutions
  • Only partnerships with insurance companies that are financially sound
  • Standardised and user-friendly packs
  • Continuous monitoring of market developments
  • Permanent preventive action to improve your damage statistics
  • A single competent, experienced contact person
  • Extensive international experience

Our personal approach, strength, influence and wide market coverage make us the perfect partner for small, medium and large enterprises.

Conventional car insurance contracts are often executed slowly because of numerous modifications. This makes it difficult to maintain an up-to-date status on the fleet.

If you want optimal, efficient fleet risk management, contact us and get to know our online management platform:

  • View your current fleet (incl. digital insurance certificates)
  • 24/7 reporting of your claim(s)
  • Digital policy documents

Limited / fully comprehensive

If you want your own vehicle to be insured regardless of whether you are at fault or not, take out comprehensive insurance. Comprehensive cover includes the following risks: fire, glass damage, natural events, collision with animals and (attempted) theft. Fully comprehensive cover also includes the deductible, damage after a hit and run and vandalism.

Motor vehicles third-party liability

Motor vehicle third-party insurance is mandatory for anyone using a motorised vehicle on public roads. From a moped to a tractor or trailer: we insure all vehicle types.

The insurance covers physical and material damage caused to other road users by you or someone else, as well as any other consequences of the accident such as medical expenses, incapacity for work and loss of income. It also covers damage to the occupants of the insured vehicle (excluding the driver who caused the accident).

The premium for this insurance depends on several factors: age, place of residence, driving experience, vehicle engine power ...

 You can also supplement this insurance with optional cover:

  • Fully / limited comprehensive
  • Driver insurance
  • Legal expenses
  • Assistance

Driver insurance

Driver insurance compensates your physical injury. Without this cover, you will not receive compensation if you cause an accident yourself. Specifically, it involves a payout in the event of:

  • Death
  • Permanent / temporary disability
  • Medical expenses

Legal expenses

In case of a traffic violation or damage claim, you can seek legal assistance to defend your interests and handle the legal and administrative side of things. If an amicable settlement is not possible, this type of cover will include your lawyer's fees and any legal expenses.

Some plans even help you in case of any disagreement with your garage owner following (inadequate) repairs or maintenance.


An assistance contract gives you 24/7 assistance for both your vehicle and its occupants. Depending on the plan, you will receive breakdown assistance, towing services, a replacement car, repatriation and so on.

These plans can also be expanded to include travel insurance (regardless of the means of transport) and home assistance if your home is suddenly damaged.

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